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Heimili listakonunar Anahata Katkin // home of Anahata Katkin

May 11, 2015
 Á síðunni Muna Home rakst ég á alveg stórkostlegt heimili listamans sem algjörlega heillar mig og ég ætla að deila með ykkur, ekki bara myndum af heimilinu, heldur læt ég tekstan fylgja með. En mér finnst Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer) gefa myndunum enn meiri fegurð með lýsingu sinni á því sem að augum ber.

Svo við gefum Tijen orðið:
There are some people in the world comes into life to create and inspire others. I find they are the most admirable people on earth, gifted with  rich talents. Here in today’ s post, I am very happy to a share a person just like this, Anahata  Katkin who surrounds her life with art, design and creativity.  We will visit her home, studio and shop called PAPAYA.

Anahata Katkin is a true gem with her open heart to different cultures around the world. She is highly  influenced by Asian flavors and antiques. She is originally from Alaska and now based in Oregon but  her synergy comes from her constant travels around the world where she shops for her lifestyle livingstore PAPAYA. She tells as much as she  likes to wander she is deeply in love with “home” and she adds:
“Interiors are as rewarding and fulfilling for me as painting.  It’s not just a place to unwind.  I work here, we live here, entertain, we create and we collapse here.  I tinker with it and build on it daily.  I am constantly searching for the right balance between hoarder and modernist.  I can’t decide which I am- though clearly I am no minimalist!  It is a place to inspire my work at our PAPAYA! Living boutique and an ever changing test lab of artwork & treasures.  I wanted to share my space here because it is one of my great joys…”

It is possible to feel the rich eclectic influence on her beautiful apartment by pieces of furnitures, kilims, fabrics and materials.

 None of them are aimed to be matched, rather to be put together with love to create a great living interior atmosphere.

Sculptures, stones, paintings, flowers, plants; they all  like part of a theatrical scene where Anahata is the main role player. She creates her own life style like no other by great authenticity. 

She catches harmony mixing old and new, modern and antique, or in combination of informal and precious artefacts.

Her house is enlightened by beautiful daylight and she makes little surprises using every little corner by her lovely styling of materials. It is not hard to feel the comfort at her home, just looking at photos is enough to give the vibe.

 She surrounds her home with daily inspirational words and quotes wherever she can find. Her positive spiritual act fills her home with great energy which expresses herself and passion for good life.

She decorates her walls by her mixed media wallpanels and puts her own creative signature to her rooms.

The combination of fabrics which are used on her room is a result of her great global taste.

Her wallpaper panels are mixed media pieces built on textured wallpapers. They range between 4.5 to 6 foot in height. She applies painting, blending techniques and mixed materials. She sells them at her store PAPAYA.

She travels, shops, collects, paints and shares her passion with world. She also has a blog anahata.typepad where you can see her artwork, inspirations and lifestyle. 

The colors, patterns, materials, objects, antiques all create a positive visual sense causing a desire to have the style rather than just commercial set up of a store. I think that is the success of PAPAYA . The main idea is about the beauty of visual lifestyles not  just merchandises on sale. Afterall, we all love to dream and admire to create. She communicates with the world that all desires are possible as long as one is ready to be expand and transform. What could be more inspiring?

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)
images via Anahata Katkin
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